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6 Toxic Money Thoughts Keeping You From Making What You Deserve

Are you hindering your very own capacity to make money? The vast majority are quick to answer “no” on the grounds that nobody really needs to feel like they don’t have enough. Right? Well, as a designer and life coach, I’ve seen time and time again that subconscious thoughts can hinder clients’ ability to call in abundance.

If you’re dragging any of the following six thoughts around like a ball and chain, you’ll never be free to prosper. Have a look at the following practices and solutions for busting through them:

1. You believe you’ve got to work hard to make money. 

This results in burnout, which can diminish your earning capacity over the long term. When you exchange effort and hours for dollars, you effectively create your very own glass ceiling because your time and energy are both finite, but your ability to create income is infinite.

Solution: Replace “I work hard for my money” with a new perspective. Begin to welcome the idea that “Money comes to me easily.” Choosing that as your guiding thought sets a powerful and clear intention. It certainly may sound woo-woo to some, but setting an intention is the first step to putting something different into motion. It opens up your mind to the possibility that money can come to you from a multitude of sources, not just your own effort. From a neuroscience perspective, you’re tricking your brain into seeking what you’re asking it to find. From a spiritual standpoint, you’re moving out of the way and allowing the universe to show up abundantly.

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