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15 Signs He Thinks About You a Lot Even if He’s Playing It Cool

You have feelings for this guy, but do you know the signs he thinks about you a lot? Are you the one on his mind? Well, commit these signs to memory!

You have probably wondered if you are on your crush’s mind as much as they’re on yours. We all want to know how much someone really thinks about us. I mean, we’re only human. It’s a natural thing to ask yourself, which is why these 15 signs he thinks about you a lot is just what you need to know.

How to read the signs he thinks about you a lot

Even when things are going really well with a guy, you want to know he’s enjoying his time with you. For me, this was always a problem. I spent so much time trying to make a guy feel good, I wasn’t looking at the signs that he was thinking about me. Reality? He was having a good time. I was just too busy planning the next step to see it. You don’t want to do that.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Why should I waste my time wondering how he feels about me?” By looking for these signs, you already have a clear idea of how he feels. Not every guy will tell you how they feel, but every guy will show you.

So, stop paying attention to what your friends are telling you and pay attention to the signals. He probably won’t even realize he’s giving off them off, but it’ll show he thinks about you a lot. Isn’t it time you knew?

#1 You are always talking via text. The only time you aren’t talking to each other is when you’re sleeping. Other than that, you’re always texting each other. He always has some funny meme to show you or a link to a YouTube clip he wants you to see. If he’s going out of his way to send you these things, it shows you are on his mind.

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